Tips & Maintenance

How to get the best performance out of your battery

There are two main factors that will get you the best battery life:

1. There is a sweet spot on the board for best efficiency. To achieve the maximum range out of your battery its best to ride in full speed mode on the remote and only accelerate to 30-50% and hold this speed.  This will still allow the board to travel fast (15 mph) without putting a large current through the electrical setup.  To slow down you can then just go to neutral mode on the remote and carve to control speed and only use the brake function if really needed.  Maintaining a speed is the best way to achieve the biggest range during your session.  If you use the trigger in a heavy motion such as pulling all the way in just to get up to a medium speed and constantly using the brake function this will reduce battery life.  Also if you use 'slow speed mode' and pull the trigger all the way in this uses the same amount of current as the 'full speed mode' and will drain the battery faster (refer to your manual on how to switch between modes).

2. Board maintenance is crucial to good battery life. In particular check that bearings are clean and rolling freely and if your wheels are getting warn rotate or replace them. AT boards, keep your tire pressure between 35 psi and 50 psi. 

How to keep your board riding quiet and general maintenance tips

Check your bearings every 4 weeks to see if they are spinning freely and quiet including the drive gear/wheel.  Check all screws are tight (not too tight) throughout the board (wheel nuts, motor bracket, belt cover etc).  Rotate all your wheels every so often so the wear is even over the whole board.  Always keep the battery above 75%.  Clean all parts (except the deck) with a damp cloth then wipe with a dry cloth.

Charging the battery and storage

When charging the battery, firstly insert the charger into the battery box, then insert into the mains power in the wall.  Once the battery is charged the battery charger will stop charging then its best to unplug the charger from the battery.  Note - You should always keep an eye on the battery charging to make sure its charging as it should be.  If you think its been charging too long however it still shows red on the charger you should unplug the charger form the board and wall unit, then reconnect the charger to the board to see if the charger continues to charge or not.  Try to keep the battery in your board around 70% charge when not in use and store in a room temperature environment.  Never store your board with its battery at full charge or completely dead! Do not store in a hot car or similar.

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