All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Evolve is famous for its all-terrain electric skateboards. Grass, gravel, or dirt tracks: tackle any surface with an AT board and your adventures will be limitless.


• AT boards are ideal for beginners due to their forgiving nature and are the wheel of choice for commuters, explorers and those who love to venture off the beaten path.

• AT boards are a great option to easily cover most terrain.

• We offer a variety of colour options for tyres and hubs to customise your board.

Up to 26 mph • 25 mile range

Great for tall/heavy riders
Extreme performance
Ride anywhere

Up to 26 mph • 25 mile range

Great for tall/heavy riders
Extreme performance
Ride anywhere

Up to 22 mph • 19 miles range

Great beginner board
Flexi deck
Performance meets value

Up to 22 mph • 19 miles range

Super stable
Great for tall/heavy riders
Performance meets value



Some people call them "AT" or simply all-terrain electric skateboards because you can ride them on any urban surface. The term "off-road skateboard" is generally used for boards exclusively used off-road.

In the US, there's so much to explore, and with an off-road skateboard, you can turn any path or road into the endless wave of your dreams. Every Evolve all-terrain skateboard is compatible with all-terrain "AT" road slick tires or knobbly off-road tires, so you can run over most objects and cushion any bumps in the road. Gravel, grass, BMX tracks, up dirt hills, you name it - there's no terrain that an off-road electric skateboard can't tame. It is the best all-round board.

The Riders Have Spoken

So much fun!

Love the all terrain goes anywhere and everywhere. Goes amazing up hills! Battery life is great.

- Alex
Bamboo GTR All Terrain

Excellent board!

This board is excellent–it's super responsive, quick and eats potholes for breakfast. Distance is also great for commuting to work (with a free skate tacked on each way). Very happy with my purchase and will probably try a conversion kit down the line once I'm comfortable riding AT.

- Theon C

Carbon GTR All Terrain


My first e board but the quality is obvious immediately as soon as you open the box. The first ride didn’t disappoint, plenty of torque and just an amazing sensation. Enough power for off road riding and a joy on the road.

- Nathan W

Carbon GTR 2in1



Say hello to a ride that's as smooth as butter.



Two boards for the price of one