• Fun with the Evolve Carbon GT

    Have a little fun on your way with the Carbon GT! Shot in LA, California using the Evolve Carbon GT (street setup).

  • Motorized Boards: The Revolution of the Skateboarding Industry

    Remember the days of skateboarding at the local park? You and all your friends had a blast tryin...

  • 7 Reasons To Ditch Your Car & Use an Electric Skateboard To Commute

    Weezer said it best all the way back in 1994: "You take your car to work, I'll take my board." An...

  • Battery Skateboards: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

    Battery skateboards aren’t just futuristic figments of your imagination anymore. No, they're real...

  • Factory Race Challenge - Evolve Weekly Ep. 29

    The Factory Race Challenge is a course we set up at Evolve HQ where the team members race against each other to get the best time possible. The riders will all be using the Evolve Carbon GT with the new Evolve 97mm wheels and will have to pass through a number of obstacles including the Garbage Hole, The Bridge of Glory, Annings Revenge, Cock Alley and finally - Panda Attack.

  • Tech and Gadget EXPO - Evolve Weekly Ep. 28

    This weeks video covers Evolve's trip to the Technology and Gadget Expo (TGE) in Melbourne, Australia. The TGE allows crowd goers to interact with the latest products, meet with hundreds of brands and see what’s next to come. We had a really great time at TGE and got to meet a lot of the community as well as prospective customers. Both the Evolve GTX and the Evolve Carbon GT were readily available for the peeps to have a ride on as well as a number of boards from other brands as well.

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