Off Road Skateboards/Turning your Skateboard into Off Road

Do you own an electric skateboard or are you looking to upgrade to an off-roading one?  Here, you can learn some helpful tips for converting your board into an all-terrain one or at the very least, understand the benefits and attraction of owning an all-terrain electric skateboard.   

What is Off-Road Skateboarding? 

Off-road electric skateboarding is similar to other off-roading activities.  You’re able to experience riding in environments and areas that are off the normal path.  Enjoy riding on gravel, sand, or grass.  While this would be difficult if not impossible on a normal board, with an electric off-road skateboardyou’re able to easily accelerate and carve up these environments. 


If you’re a beginner, almost nothing beats the feeling you get as you ride your electric skateboard.  If you’re an advanced rider, you already know the feeling you get as you whip down hills.  However, imagine if you can conquer new terrain such as beaches, forest trails, and much more!  You can achieve the same thrills you get except in an unfamiliar environment.  Just as mountain bikers can take their talents off the road, you can as well with help from off road motorized skateboards or conversion wheel kits! 

How to Convert Your Board for Off-Roading 

When you own one of Evolve’s electric skateboards, you always have the option to customize it to fit your riding needs.  Convert your board easily with one of our off-roading conversion kits that can be found here.  All you have to do is change out the wheels and trucks and you’re ready to go!  It’s really that easy.  Changing the four tires usually takes ten minutes or less.  With these new tires, you’ll be able to handle sand on the beach, grass on a hill, or gravel down your favorite forest preserve path.   

If you’re tired of your normal electric skateboarding lifestyle and need another area to have fun riding on, invest in one of our gorgeous motorized off-road skateboards (or conversion kits if you have one already).  Experience electric skateboarding in a whole different light today!