Since our launch in July 2012, Evolve Skateboards has been making waves around the globe. Here are some of the press and media coverage we've received to date.

June 2013

Evolve Electric Skateboards featured in in France. Check out the cool video they made to go with the article.

August 2013

Online electric skateboarding mag reviews our bamboo snubnose board.

The Courier Mail

August 2013

Queensland's Courier Mail interviews Evolve founder Jeff and his wife Fleur for their business section.




Skrilled Mag

September/ October 2012

Evolve Electric Skateboards covered in Skrilled Magazine, Australia 
(Page 16)

YPS Magazine

March 2013

Evolve Electric Skateboards featured in YPS Magazine Germany

June 2013

The Gizmag editorial team took the Evolve Electric Skateboards for a test ride. Although they are not skaters, they still had a great time on it. Here's a video review they made to go along with the article. 

Gizmodo Germany

27 November 2012

Evolve Electric Skateboards reviewed in Gizmodo Germany


Stuff Magazine

April 2013

The Stuff editorial team took the Evolve Electric Skateboards for a test ride. They gave us a 5 star rating and here's what they said "Most fun ever had on a board on tarmac". 

The New York Times

10 November 2012

Check out what Thorsten Bauer, Creative Director of Urbanscreen likes to do in his spare time. :)


Stuff Magazine

March 2013

The Evolve Electric Skateboards featured on the Hot Stuff section in the March issue of Stuff Magazine, Malaysia.

Heelside Magazine Issue 08

June 2012

Evolve Electric skateboards covered in Heelside Magazine Issue 08

The Sunshine Coast Daily

August 2013

Former NRL and Queensland rugby league player Chris Flannery talks about his Evolve experience in the Sunshine Coast Daily. 

The Coffs Coast Advocate

August 2013

Evolve co-founder Fleur Anning featured in the Coffs Coast Advocate.

Start Up Smart

August 2013

Electric skateboard punt pays off for business founders who sold their house.