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Make transportation fun! Here at Evolve Skateboards, our goal is to create the best electric skateboards and longboards possible. We equip our electric powered skateboards with heavy-duty, high-performance electric motors ensuring a smooth and powerful ride. No matter the terrain, we have something for you. With a simple remote control, you can accelerate up and down hills without any hassle as well as easily control the brakes.

Our power skateboards are created to withstand the rigors of every day riding without sacrificing comfortability. You can expect your electric skate board to give you years of service. They also look gorgeous as well! Choose from a variety of colors and designs.

No matter if you are seeking something that will provide a fun ride as you travel, or if you enjoy taking on hills and sharp turns, we have a board for you! We have supplied boards to both beginners and more advanced riders alike. Our boards offer great stability allowing you to pick up riding easily.

Already a board owner? We have a large selection of electric longboard and skateboard accessories and components including wheels, hubs, and much more available to purchase.

When it comes to finding the perfect and most innovative electric skateboard on the market, you’ll want to go Evolve Skateboards. Give us a call at 442-325-1643 to learn more about our electric skateboards for sale today!