Custom electric skateboard


Since Evolve Skateboards started to produce electric skateboards over a decade ago, riders worldwide have been customizing them to express their style while shredding around. Check out the Evolve Custom Electric Skateboard tool and make your own skateboard, just the way you dreamed it.

With Evolve's custom electric skateboard tool, you'll love the versatility of choosing from different types of wheels, gear ratios, hubs, and remote control colors. You'll be able to see what your board will look like before ordering it.

Evolve Skateboards will continue to build skateboard decks, wheels, and accessories in various designs and colors so you can fulfill your longboard customization dreams and easily make your own skateboard to suit your taste and lifestyle. Get ready to fine-tune your performance and show off your own style!

How To Build A Custom Skateboard

Building a custom skateboard couldn’t be easier with Evolve Skateboards’ one-of-a-kind custom skateboard builder.

Start by selecting which model of an electric skateboard you prefer — our Hadean or GTR series. From here, the fun of making your own skateboard really starts to kick into gear.

Both board series enable you to select your custom deck material, either carbon or bamboo. You’ll have a few more choices ahead of you, including the battery, your preferred wheels — street or all terrain — and what style of remote you prefer. The Evolve Skateboard Board Builder will also ask you to select wheels, hubs (if required) and whether you want to turn your board into a 2-in-1 vehicle.

As you make your way through the builder, your custom skateboard will assemble in front of your very eyes. Don’t like your chosen wheel color? No problem; simply backtrack a step and experiment with a different shade.

With our unique custom skateboard builder, creating your own dream customized board is a fun, simple, and accessible process.

What Parts Of My Electric Skateboard Are Customizable?

Flex your creativity and skateboarding knowledge by customizing the following elements of your Evolve skateboard:

The series — Hadean or GTR

Deck material — carbon or bamboo

Terrain — street or all terrain




You’ll also be offered the option of turning your board into a 2-in-1 ride. What does this mean? Well, Evolve Skateboards’ exclusive range of 2-in-1 boards means you never have to turn down an adventure. Whether you and your friends are cruising the city streets or looking to explore offroad, Evolve Skateboards has you covered. We’ll provide you with everything you need — wheels, belts, gears, and covers — all in a handy conversion kit that will allow you to transform your board in a matter of minutes.

Don’t risk your street wheels in an off road environment. Don’t wear down your all terrain skateboard wheels pounding the city streets. Opt for a 2-in-1 board to make the most of all environments.

How Much Is A Custom Skateboard?

The answer to this question really depends on how you choose to customize your board. 

Our board builder is very user-friendly and will provide you with a price once you have finished customizing your board. This can be adjusted by changing your customization options.

Keep in mind that Evolve Skateboards does have some financing options available. Eligible customers may be able to purchase their board on a payment plan so you can get your hands on your custom skateboard now and pay later. More information can be found on the Finance section of our website.  

Evolve Skateboards is the industry leader in the electric skateboard business. We know exactly what our riders are looking for — freedom and the ability to skate, spin, and shred on a custom skateboard. Our boards are high-performance machines and will get you from A to B, plus anywhere you want to stop off in between. 

A strong, smart, and stylish ride is within your reach — check out Evolve’s range of electric custom skateboards today to learn more.