Evolve's Best Electric Skateboards

The evolution of the skateboard is a very interesting process to follow.  Starting in the 1940s, roller skate wheels were added to boards to create the first skateboards.  This phenomenon passed into California as many surfers were searching for a hobby to do when the waves were calm.  Although this way of skateboarding existed, it was very bumpy and uncomfortable.  It wasn’t until the 1970s when urethane wheels were invented. 

Urethane wheels meant concrete was now more easily accessible.  More companies began manufacturing boards out of different materials. More skate parks began to take shape.  As skateboarding became more popular, people start attempting more tricks.  By the 1990s, ESPN’s Extreme Games help launch skating into a popular frenzy and worldwide phenomenon.  

As the years progressed, we’ve seen highly significant figures use them.  From Marty McFly in Back to the Future to legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, the skateboard has gone from a piece of wood with roller skate wheels to a larger than life hobby.   

Fast forward to the present, technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  Now, not only is skateboarding considered a fun hobby, they are relied on for transportation.  In the forefront, revolutionizing the general public’s perception of the skateboard is Evolve Skateboards.  Our cheap electric skateboards offer excellent and smooth riding at high speeds without sacrificing beautiful looks.  Check out our top 2 skate boards with electric motors below. 

  Evolve Carbon GT Series 

 Our Evolve Carbon GT series continues to take the world by storm.  Its eye catching aesthetics makes it a popular choice.  As one of our best electric longboards, it boasts heavy duty materials; a mixture of Kevlar and carbon fiber ensure its durability.  Depending on the model, you can reach up to about 27 miles an hour.  Holding a charge up to 30 hours you’ll be able to reach your destination and then some before having to recharge the battery.  When you need a board that sports two brushless 3000W motors to power it up, you’ll want to choose the Evolve Carbon GT. 

 Bamboo GT Series 

 Another one of our best electric skateboards, this series blows its competitors out of the water when it comes to max speed.  Reaching up to 22mph, it will be hard to find a hill steep enough to stump this board.  This board is great for both beginners and advanced riders alike.  It has several different terrains if you decide to upgrade or get the all-terrain model.  If you’re looking to take on hills with ease, this is the board for you!