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This week we bring you part 2 of our Board Customization series, with a focus on Wheel Customizations! There are heaps of wheel options on the Evolve skateboards so we thought we would take you through some of them. Wheel customizations is one of the easiest ways for you to customize your electric skateboard!

In this video, Nick will go through some of the popular street and all terrain wheel configurations, including the ABEC and Kegel wheels. We also show you how some of these custom wheels look on the new Evolve One. Andy (our UK Ambassador) will tell you about his favourite wheel combinations and explain the difference in our all terrain tires. At the end of the episode is a quick walk through on how to paint your own hubs, so that the customization options are endless!

Below is the transcript of the video. Enjoy!



What we find often is a lot of our customers like to use different wheel combinations on our boards.  A lot of the wheel change comes down to personal preference; both in color, and the feel of the wheels, or the board. It's obviously got all different ranges, you know, different diameters, going to get different speeds, got different colors, going to match different things on the customers board.  Some customers just purely want to change it to be different from the standard and it’s basically like changing the rims on a car - one of the easiest things to make it personal. The easiest street wheels to swap out are the customizing of the Abecs.  They’re straight replacements for the standards, so it's same drive, year, same spaces, everything like that, so if you have had a set of Abecs setup with bearings and spaces - just a straight swap. Takes about a minute or two and you've got a new set of wheels on that.  The cables are a little bit more involved in your change of drive gear, but all the belt tensions are the same so again, it's quite an easy swap over.  Same process, same speed rings, and spaces, you know, in the couple minutes, swap it over. For the old trains, again, if you're swapping between off-road set and on-road set, we have complete hubs made up. Very easy swap if you're swapping the tires over the hubs. A little bit longer because you've got two separate hubs and change the tires.  There's a different feel and ride using the different wheel options as well.  Like the Kegels compared to the Abecs compared to our Evolve wheels; they all have a different feel and performance and definitely there's a customization. You know, having your own personality on the board is a big one. As you can see, I’m a little bit obsessed so the standard eight Evolve 83: mill flax, lovely - nice wheels, good for sliding. You even got the Kegels. You can put on there by variety of hardnesses and duos available, but my favorite are the Abecs, the ninety-sevens. These things just take you along - over all the little bumps and cracks that would normally take you off.  Those things are really awesome. They're by far my favorite street wheel tires.

As you can see there's a whole variety of tires. Great thing about the Evolved GT hubs is they don't only fit their own brand, they also fit mb/s and other makes out there so other length of 7 and 8 inch tires. The two tires available at standard Evolve, you've got the off low tires: you can see by the trim there, and you've got the Voties these are more for your burning through tarmac streets, normal pavements.  This is when you want to take it off road, burning through the forests, glass, gravel; all those little tracks give you a little bit extra traction. My favorite wheels at the moment would probably be an all train setup with the off-road tires. I wanted to be a little bit different again so I painted mine with a vinyl paint, so I can remove the coating if I want to and redo them in a different color.

It's pretty easy process, you know: separate tubs, painted them and put it back together with a new set of tires and our tubes. These are the hubs we offer for the GT all-terrain: Rogue Pink, Drug Pink, Thundercat Yellow, Nitrous Blue, Urban storm, and black.

Yeah, so let's get into it. So we want to make sure our hubs are nice and clean. These ones are fairly new, so they're not too bad.  Once it dries for a couple minutes, then we can do another little coat over and we do about anywhere between three and five coats total, letting them sit for a few minutes to any time to try and let them sit.  Don't try to do one big coat because it will bubble and run.

They take a few hours to set properly, like you can’t touch them after a few minutes.  If you've customized your Evolve board with different wheel options, we’d love to see them, so please share any picture or video with us.  We also like to see in the comments below which is your favorite wheel to use on your Evolve board.

A big congratulations goes to the winner of the One Board Giveaway. You'll find the details in the description of the video. Have fun riding!



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