Using Your Evolve Electric Skateboard for Daily Commuting

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evolve commuter skateboard
Don’t just change the way you commute, change the way you feel commuting. An Evolve electric skateboard makes traveling to work fun—and it’s better for your health (and your wallet), too! Did you know the average American spends 100 hours a year commuting to and from work? That’s 100 needless hours of isolation, boredom, and frustration. Isn’t it time you make the most of those hours and start enjoying your commute? Isn’t it time you seriously consider using an Evolve electric skateboard for your daily commute?

We’ve already previewed the type of commuter experience our boards offer. Today, we wanted to focus on the benefits of using your electric skateboard for daily commuting, whether it’s to work or the grocery store.


Save Money With an Evolve Skateboard

Frightening fact: spending all that time in the car costs you more than just time. We spend close to a terrifying $1,400 on gas every year! To make things worse—and believe us, things get much worse—some of us spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year on maintenance, repairing every day, accumulative wear and tear. All of this sits joylessly on top of our regularly monthly loan payments, car insurance, and annual registration fees. In short, owning a car is expensive—and it grows more and more expensive by the minute.

Cars aren’t tomorrow proof. A long-term investment, a car sees immediate depreciation the very second it is driven off the lot. The initial cost of an Evolve skateboard might seem expensive, to be sure, but it’s an investment that quickly pays for itself—in more ways than one—and ultimately saves you money in the long run. What’s not to love about that?

According to AAA, depending on the make and model, you can save up to $11,931 a year by completely ditching your car. Imagine, for a moment, all things you can do and all the places you can go with those kinds of savings; imagine all the places your Evolve skateboard can take you for a lot less.

skateboard commute health

The Health Benefits of a Skateboard Commute

Our electric skateboards offer a host of health benefits, especially if used as your daily commuter. If you already ride, we’re sure you noticed the difference the moment you stepped on the board. If you haven’t picked one up yet, what are you waiting for?

A number of recent studies suggest that daily commuting behind the wheel of a vehicle isn’t just bad for your wallet–it’s also bad for your health. Too much time spent in the driver’s seat poses temporary to long-term health risks including elevated cholesterol, higher blood pressure, muscle and joint pain, problems sleeping, depression, lower frustration tolerance, anger, and much more.

Whether they’re cranking the music up, unwinding after the work day, or reflecting on life in general, time spent commuting affords necessary personal time for many busy Americans. We understand the importance of such moments. But, you can have these experiences (without the physical and mental disadvantages) while riding an electric commuter skateboard from Evolve–no doubt to a far greater degree.

You now know the cost—is it really worth it? It’s ironic, isn’t it? Most of us can’t afford to abandon driving outright. Yet, limiting your time behind the wheel and instead switching to “active traveling” can go a long way to improving your well-being with results you’ll notice immediately.

Active Traveling:

As you’ve probably guessed, active traveling is the practice of commuting between destinations while exerting physical energy in some capacity. More traditional means of active travel are walking and biking. It’s time we introduce our electric skateboards into the mix.

An important study in 2014 revealed that, when compared to those who drove, people who commuted by active travel exhibited greater mental wellness and well-being.

No traffic, no worries. Say goodbye to stressful commuting. An Evolve skateboard gets you out of the car and up on your feet. And what a difference the fresh air makes! Carving your way to and from work on an Evolve electric skateboard, you won’t be able to help but enjoy your commute. Experience new locations, behold new sights, and meet new people because the cool thing about Evolve boards is that they can go just about anywhere. Want to take a cruise along the beach and maybe stop for a dip? Go ahead, you’ve earned it! Afterward, you can dry off by taking a shortcut through the park or forest reserve.

best commuter skateboard

What is the Best Commuter Skateboard?

All of our boards are great for commuting. If you live in a more rugged, rural area, we recommend checking out one of our All-Terrain Skateboards such as our Carbon GT All-Terrain Skateboard. But, if you’re looking for a commuter skateboard that’s a little friendly on your wallet, but still has all the performance bells and whistles you want, our Bamboo ONE is perfect.

Portable Performance:

Our lightest electric skateboard, The ONE, features a single motor and weights only 16lbs, but with a top speed of 23mph, it still packs a surprising brand of power. On a full charge, you can enjoy 20 miles of endless ride time.  And there’s no need to worry about riding uphill because the ONE can take on a 20% gradient with ease.

Dependable Comfort:

To eliminate wheelbite when carving, the ONE features an old school snubnose front and rear. No doubt this is a velvety smooth ride. Meanwhile, the wider Super Carve Truck system gives riders a greater stability through tight and/or narrow turns. To maximize comfort and encourage better riding posture, the ONE utilizes a medium flex board that feels great underfoot.

Live happy. Skate Evolve. With the benefits offered by an Evolve skateboard, what’s not to love? You lose so much time and invest so much money in your car, but enough is enough. It’s time to take back your life in a way you never imagined possible—with a skateboard commute! It’s time to start investing in you, it’s time to lead a better, more fulfilling life. Commuting on an Evolve skateboard will help wash away life’s little problems and get you focused on what matters most: living.


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